What Happens in an Audit?

The  NDIA undertake random audits to make sure self-managed funds are being spent and managed properly.

The NDIA might ask you at any time to provide evidence of a payment that matches a payment request you have made.

cartoon man in a hat with glasses, stamping 'ok' on paperwork

An audit usually involves the NDIA sending you a payment request number. This is the number you get for each claim or payment request you make on your plan. The NDIA will ask you to supply the invoice, receipt or other evidence of payment that matches the payment request.  

It is important to keep your records organised so you can show the NDIA how you have spent your funds.

You need to keep records for 5 years.  The NDIA might ask about a payment recently or a long time ago.

It is important you keep notes, particularly if you have used your funding in innovative ways to meet your support needs. For example you might keep notes and the answers to the ‘Can I buy it’ questions,  (page 8 of the NDIS Guide to Self Management) with other the other records for your purchase.

(Adapted from  NDIS Guide to Self Management version 2.0 https://www.ndis.gov.au/media/1004/download )