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Self Manager Hub Peer Workshop: How to Find & Keep Support Workers That Are Right for You – rescheduled to Saturday 7 October

By Self Manager Hub

| Choice and control | Engaging a service provider | Managing supports | Worker screening

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Sep 14, 2023 | Free resource, Build your team, Events

This practical workshop will help you figure out how to get the support you need. We will look at common problems when support is not right and how to address these. We will look at job expectations, agreements and how your support workers can work with you in the right relationship so you are achieving the positive outcomes and living the life you want in your life.

This workshop is facilitated by Linda Hughes. Linda, with her son Jacob, has been recruiting, training and managing her son’s team of support workers for more than 15 years. Learning along the way, Linda has picked up a lot of strategies and tips to get support on the right track. In this workshop Linda will share her learnings and help you with solutions to common problems we see when support is not working rights.

This workshop will help:

– Find ways to get good support that works for you the way you need

– Identify the skills and personal qualities you are looking for in a support worker

– Set a clear understanding about the job and keep support workers on track