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CALL TO ACTION – Choice and control is under attack!

By Self Manager Hub

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Feb 15, 2023 | Free resource, News

News category

Did you know that our rights to choose our NDIS providers are under attack?

There are registered providers who want the government to force people who are planned managed and self managing to use registered providers only.

They are campaigning hard to destroy the NDIS that we thought for, where we have choice and control over who comes into our homes and who provides our support.

If these providers get what they want, you might be forced to use a registered provider.

We will not sit by and let this happen. That is not what we advocated for when we called for a National Disability Insurance Scheme.

We advocated for an NDIS that shifted the power from providers to people with disabilities. Where we, disabled people and our families, decide for ourselves who provides our support. But they want to take that away from us, so they can make more money and take over the market.

They are saying this is about safety, but it’s really about greed. We know that Anne-Marie Smith used a registered provider and she tragically died of neglect.

Forcing us to use registered providers will take away our rights, limit our choices and may force us to go without the support we need to survive.

It will destroy the individualised and innovative support arrangements that we have been able to build over the years, thanks to the right we have under the NDIS to choose our providers.

Taking choice and control over our supports away from us is unacceptable. We fought hard for our rights and we will not allow them to take our rights away.

Some of us don’t want to or can’t access registered providers.

That is our right and what we fought for, when we advocated for an NDIS based on the principles of choice, control and individualised support.

People with disabilities will fight to defend the NDIS that we fought for and we won’t let the greed of a service provider take away our rights. We will fight them and we need you to join us so we can win!

What can you do?

We need you to take action by doing these things… It won’t take long, but it will make a difference!

Write to, or make a video or sound clip, and send it to the NDIS Review telling them how important it is for you to be able to use unregistered providers.

Only a couple of sentences is all it takes to get your voice heard.

You can just say something like “it is important to me that I can choose my providers, please don’t take that right away from me.”

If you can explain why it is important for you to be able to choose unregistered providers and how your life will be affected if you were not allowed to do that, please do! It will be really help them understand why choice and control is so important to us.

Here is the page where you can upload your written, audio or video submission

It would also be great if you email Minister Bill Shorten with your concerns

Please also send a copy to us so we can include your voice in our advocacy on this issue

We will provide regular updates on our fight to defend our rights to choose our supports on our Facebook page so make sure you follow us