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Navigating Life with Funded Supports – Webinar 2 Replay – Holding the compass: Directing funded support to get the life you want.

By Community Resource Unit

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May 24, 2024 | Build your team, Events

Does having paid support really make your life better? 

Paid support has an important role in the lives of people with disability. When this paid or ‘formal’ support is not done well or used well, it can become something that gets in the way of friendships, relationships and ordinary life

In this replay of a two part webinar series find out in Webinar 1 on 12 June, how you can set the direction for success with your paid supports and in Webinar 2 on 19 June, how you can develop the skills and confidence to get the most out of paid supports. 

Register for one or both webinars.

Webinar 2: Navigating life with funded supports

Navigating life with funded supports is about staying on track, and moving forwards towards the life you choose. This webinar helps by looking at: 

  • Respectful and productive relationships with people in paid support roles. 
  • Taking a lead, so paid supports are working towards your vision and goals.
  • Reviewing your formal supports and checking for resilience.

While we encourage you to join us at the time, this webinar is recorded and will be available to watch for 14 days after the event.