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Most of the tools and resources are already available on the internet. Why should I subscribe to the Self Manager Hub?

Yes, there are many resources available on the internet to help self managers. What we do at the Self Manager Hub is bring these resources together into one large library, making it easier to find the information you are looking for.  We also create our own resources for self managers. Then catalogue each resource, allocate key words, and highlight the format of each resource. Some examples of formats are:  Auslan, Easy English, checklists, community languages or created for First Nations People. We aim to have resources and tools that everyone can access.

Creating, sourcing and maintaining these resources takes time. The long term sustainability of the Self Manager Hub is dependent on this income from our community.

We believe self management is key to the success of the NDIS, by driving innovation in the sector. To help support our work, grow our resources, and promote self-management, please join us with a paid subscription.

Can I claim subscription cost from my NDIS plan?

Yes, if your NDIS funds are self managed or plan managed!  There is a line item in core:  Self-Management Capacity Building.

Subscription to the Self Manager Hub provides you with easy access to a library of tools and resources to help build your understanding, skills and confidence in self managing your NDIS plan. There are lots of resources with new and innovative ideas about how you can use your NDIS funding flexibly to have choice and control over your supports and your life.

If your funding is Plan Managed you will need to show your Plan Manager this line item number so they know how to claim on you NDIS plan.

The Self Manager Hub is not a registered provider. If your NDIS plan is  agency managed you can:

–  Ask a  provider that supports you to ‘broker’ the cost of joining

– Pay out of your own money

– You can access our freely available resources on our What’s new? page

What is the difference between subscribing to the Self Manager Hub and becoming a member?

Subscribing to the Self Manager Hub gives you access to our library of tools and resources. Membership of the organisation is different. Membership means you have satisfied the requirements for formal membership of the Self Manager Hub. The requirements of membership are set out in our Rules and outline:

  • Who can join the Self Manager Hub
  • Types of members
  • The membership processes.

We will need much more information from you if you become a member of the Self Manager Hub. The Self Manager Hub Board is currently working on our membership processes and will have more details soon.

I work for an organisation. Why should our organisation subscribe to  the Self Manager Hub website?

Good question! If your organisation is supporting participants to have choice and control – you will want to subscribe.

Your organisation will have easy access to a large library of resources and tools

There are lots of resources with new and innovative ideas about how NDIS participants  can use their funding flexibly to have choice and control over their support and their  life.

With a corporate subscription you can easily find resources and tools to:

  • Download and share tools and resources  with the participants you support and/or their families
  • Share new and innovative ideas with your colleagues
  • Build your own knowledge and skills in self management

How do I pay for a subscription to the Self Manager Hub website?

You can subscribe and pay now or enjoy a seven (7) day free trial of the Self Manager Hub resources. 

During the 7 days trial you will have access  to our library of tools and resources for self-managers. If you choose not to continue with your subscription you do not need to do anything. 

To subscribe you will need to provide your credit card/ debit card details and fill in the online subscriber form.  We use a secure payment platform called ‘Stripe’ to process your payment.

 We will email you a tax invoice when you pay for a subscription. You might be able to claim the subscription ocst from your NDIS plan.