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Paying for your supports

NIDA information on self managing support, how much to pay, making a payment request and more

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Price guides and pricing

How NDIS pricing works, pricing updates, support catalog and price guide

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NDIS Coronavirus information pack – Assistive technology

This pack is designed to help participants, their families, carers and providers understand new fle…

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NDIS eligible modified clothing

Here at EveryHuman, we provide clothing and footwear with subtle modifications that makes the dress…

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NDIS participants CAN buy a device with the NDIS funding IF they need it for their support.

On the Every Australian Counts Zoom forum with Scott McNaughton this morning Scott confirmed NDIS p…

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Information for Self Managed Participants -COVID

This pack contains information to help self-managed participants use their NDIS plan and meet their…

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Guide to Self Management

Self-managing your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding lets you use your funds crea…

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Consumers with a Disability

A collection of resources, Self-learning tools, information and advice are available to help everyo…

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