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NDIS Self Management- Creating a Good Life

Our journey with NDIS self‑management, me and my son, Isaac. This is Isaac. He’s 23 years old…

Created By: Children and young People with Disability Australia


Planning is a life long process – if you think about it, we sometimes make plans on a yearly,…

Created By: WA Individualised Services

Understanding NDIS and Reviews

A plain English document explaining NDIS and NDIS reviews and appeals.

Created By: Rights Information and Advocacy Centre

Seven Steps to Self Direction

This workbook is a simple guide for working in right relationship in self-directed support arrangem…

Created By: Resourcing Inclusive Communities

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Created By: Uniting LACs

Yarnin’ about disability

Information for Aboriginal people with disability, their families, carers and communities, about th…

Created By: My Choice Matters

What will the NDIS Fund?

This information sheet discusses the self-management option in more detail and the different ways t…

Created By: Carers Australia

Weekly Schedule

A Weekly Schedule template to help you plan and document your week

Created By: WA Individualizsd Services

The Growing Space

150+ excellent resources, tips, tricks checklists and more available here A free account will give …

Created By: The Growing Space

The Lives we lead:

The Lives We Lead is a social media project to influence the community to better understand the con…

Created By: The Lives we lead
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