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Can I buy it

Can I buy it

‘Can I buy it?’ is the $22 billion dollar question.

Often, there is not a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Often, the answer is... ‘it depends’.

In this section we have the tools to help you decide if it is okay to use your NDIS funds.

Support budgets in your plan

NDIA resource explains the support budgets in your plan

Created By: NDIA

Support Categories

This document unpacks the NDIS support categories and what you can use your funds on

Created By: Self Manager Hub

Support Purchasing Guide

You have choice about what supports you buy with your NDIS funding, to help you achieve your goals.…

Created By: NDIA

Self Direction in Australia – the Story so far

The opportunity to direct individualised supports that have enabled people with disability to live …

Created By: Family Advocacy

Preparing for your NDIS Plan Review – Scheduled Plan review

Each year (sometimes two years) NDIS participants have a ‘scheduled plan review” with a…

Created By: Uniting LACs

Price guides and pricing

How NDIS pricing works, pricing updates, support catalog and price guide

Created By: NDIA
Created By: Read Aloud

Recordkeeping using outlook calendar

Step by step instructions on keeping your invoices and payment request together and easy to find us…

Created By: Self Manager Hub

Paying for your supports

NIDA information on self managing support, how much to pay, making a payment request and more

Created By: NDIA
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