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Planning is thinking about your goals and the road map to achieving them. Planning tools and resources here can help live the life you want.

Weekly Schedule

A Weekly Schedule template to help you plan and document your week

Created By: WA Individualizsd Services
Created By: NDIA

Team Karim

Karim is a performance artist and works with his team to present his motivational message and go de…

Created By: Resourcing Inclusive Communities

The Growing Space

150+ excellent resources, tips, tricks checklists and more available here A free account will give …

Created By: The Growing Space

The Lives we lead:

The Lives We Lead is a social media project to influence the community to better understand the con…

Created By: The Lives we lead

Tips for Self management

VALUABLE TIPS FOR SELF MANAGEMENT that include: banking, engaging service providers, budgeting, pay…

Created By: My Care Space

Tips from a Self Manager

A video Titled: Be a Boss Module 1 Tips from a Self Manager about how self managing has improved th…

Created By: Western Australia’s Individualised Services

Townsville’s ‘Master Shredder’ shows how work can change the life of people with disabilities

At 21 years old Emma Lynam is kicking goals — she has her own flat, her own small business, and rec…

Created By: ABC News

Translated planning tools

My Choice Matters has translated three of the most popular planning tools into a number of communit…

Created By: My Choice Matters
Created By: My Choice Matters
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