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Planning is thinking about your goals and the road map to achieving them. Planning tools and resources here can help live the life you want.

Why Choose to self-manage?

This video is a monatage of responses, pulled from the Workforce Innovation stories.

Created By: National Alliance of Capacity Building Organisations

Seven Steps to Self Direction

This workbook is a simple guide for working in right relationship in self-directed support arrangem…

Created By: Resourcing Inclusive Communities

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Created By: Uniting LACs

Yarnin’ about disability

Information for Aboriginal people with disability, their families, carers and communities, about th…

Created By: My Choice Matters

Understanding my NDIS plan

A breakdown of the section and terminology of your NDIS plan, what it all means for you

Created By: My Care Space

Ways the person/family can review their plan and support arrangements

Sometimes, NDIS Plans are not quite right and need a review, and sometimes your situation changes a…

Created By: Peer Connect

Ways to approach the meeting with the NDIS planner

Many people with disability, their carers and families will feel a little nervous when they are get…

Created By: Peer Connect

Ways to put the NDIS plan into action, including looking at agencies who can help with this

It can be quite overwhelming when you get your first NDIS Plan. NDIS Plans use words that are unfam…

Created By: Peer Connect

What will the NDIS Fund?

This information sheet discusses the self-management option in more detail and the different ways t…

Created By: Carers Australia

We Need To Talk About Sex

Christine Priest thinks we should talk about sex more often. Especially in the disability community…

Created By: Purple Orange
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