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Planning is thinking about your goals and the road map to achieving them. Planning tools and resources here can help live the life you want.

Created By: Adam's family

Adam’s apples

Adam is a young man with autism who has his own delivery business, works two jobs and volunteers in…

Created By: In Charge

Addressing Personal Vulnerability Through Planning

A guide to identifying and incorporating intentional safeguards when planning with adults with deve…

Created By: Community Living British Columbia
Created By: VAILD

A Document of Personal Information A resource for people with disabilities and their families

This document explores how people with disability, their families or carers can develop a system fo…

Created By: Pave the Way

A good life – can funding get me a good life?

Easy read workbook that talks about – changes to disability funding – how you use fundi…

Created By: Council for Intellectual Disability

A good life – needs and dreams

We all have needs and dreams. This workbook has ideas and exercises for you to think about what giv…

Created By: Council for intellectual disability

A good life – what I do, know and hope for

Is your life good? Most people say that – some parts of life are good – some parts are …

Created By: Council for Intellectual Disability

4 Steps to Housing Success

This articles gives ideas of how to reach your housing goals Step 1: Setting Disability Housing Goa…

Created By: My Care Space
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