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Planning is a life long process – if you think about it, we sometimes make plans on a yearly,…

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Understanding my NDIS plan

A breakdown of the section and terminology of your NDIS plan, what it all means for you

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Ways to put the NDIS plan into action, including looking at agencies who can help with this

It can be quite overwhelming when you get your first NDIS Plan. NDIS Plans use words that are unfam…

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Team Karim

Karim is a performance artist and works with his team to present his motivational message and go de…

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The Growing Space

150+ excellent resources, tips, tricks checklists and more available here A free account will give …

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Tips from a Self Manager

A video Titled: Be a Boss Module 1 Tips from a Self Manager about how self managing has improved th…

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Self Management Under the NDIS

Linda Hughes talks about self management as a wayfor her son Jacob to to achieve a good life and …

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Self Manged Supports

The following videos were made for the Innovative Workforce Fund’s self managed supports webs…

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Planning and Making Choices

This Handbook looks at understanding your child’s development and helps you plan and make choices w…

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