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What is a Peer Support group?

A video resource in Auslan. Peer support group is people who get together to support each other. Me…

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Starting a New Peer Support Group

Kate Strohm from Siblings Australia shares her insights about setting up a new national peer suppor…

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Self Management Project

Whether you’ve been self-managing supports for years or are just starting out with your NDIS plan, …

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Self-Managing Peer Group | Meeting Virtually @ Friday Lunchtime

Do You Self-Manage An NDIS Plan? You’re not alone, although it’s easy to feel it sometimes (especia…

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Setting up and Running a Peer Support Group

Three videos and a self guided workbook and that’s all you need to know if you want to 1. Set…

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Peer Action Groups

Peer support occurs when people with similar life experiences provide knowledge, experience, emotio…

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Peer Connect

Connect with Peer networks in your area

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Peer Mentoring

CDAH have a variety of trained Peer Mentors with many different skills, passions and life experienc…

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Peer Mentoring and Support

Information on what peer mentoring is and how to find a mentor

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Peer network stories

Videos about peer groups – Deaf Peers, Deaf Blind peers and more

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