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Why Choose to self-manage?

This video is a monatage of responses, pulled from the Workforce Innovation stories.

Created By: National Alliance of Capacity Building Organisations

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Created By: Uniting LACs

Ways the person/family can review their plan and support arrangements

Sometimes, NDIS Plans are not quite right and need a review, and sometimes your situation changes a…

Created By: Peer Connect

Ways to approach the meeting with the NDIS planner

Many people with disability, their carers and families will feel a little nervous when they are get…

Created By: Peer Connect
Created By: NDIA

The Growing Space

150+ excellent resources, tips, tricks checklists and more available here A free account will give …

Created By: The Growing Space

Speaking Up as a Young Person With Disability

A video from young people living with a Disability and their journey learning how to speak up for t…

Created By: Youth Disability Advocacy Service

Support for Children Under 7 – Auslan

This video answers questions from parents and guardians who care for a child with a disability unde…

Created By: NDIA

Preparing for your NDIS planning meeting

Watch this video to help you think about your goals and planning for your meeting with an LAC

Created By: Uniting LACs


Planning is a life long process – if you think about it, we sometimes make plans on a yearly,…

Created By: WA Individualised Services
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