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Individual Living Options Operational Guidelines

An Individualised Living Option (ILO) is an NDIS support that lets you choose the home you live in …

A Place to call Home

Everyone deserves a place to call home — a place where they belong, feel safe and can be themselves…

Created By: Sally Richards and Timothy West

Individualised Living Options in the NDIS

Highly individualised living arrangements can support people, including people who may have complex…

Created By: WA Individualised Services

My Life Your Life Our Life (Easy Read Version)

Easy Read booklet to help you  think about and create a home of your own

Created By: WA Individualised Services

Creating Home: Individualised Living

All of us like to live in a way that reflects who we are and what makes sense to us. We like to cho…

Created By: WA Individualised Services

The top 10 things to know about NDIS SDA

Plain language guide to NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation is a 16-page booklet which uses pl…

Created By: VAILD

Short and Medium Term Accommodation

When a person is waiting for their best long term housing option to be ready, they may need interim…

Created By: The housing Hub

Specialist Disability Accommodation

A guide that explains what specialist disability accommodation (SDA) payments are, who they are pai…

Created By: The Summer Foundation:

Supported Decision Making – Article 12

Understanding Human rights, the UNCRPWD and supporting people in decision making

Created By: IHC New Zealand

Supported Living

People with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities have the right to access …

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