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Ways to Manage Funding

There are three options to manage your NDIS funding – self-managed, plan-managed and NDIA-man…

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There is now finally more flexibility in how you can use your NDIS funds

New Anncouncemnt from NDIA 9 May 2020 NDIS participants who are plan or Agency managed can now use …

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Seven Steps to self direction

People with disability benefit from intentional thinking and planning about how to achieve a good l…

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Short and Medium Term Accommodation

When a person is waiting for their best long term housing option to be ready, they may need interim…

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Support budgets in your plan

NDIA resource explains the support budgets in your plan

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Support Categories

This document unpacks the NDIS support categories and what you can use your funds on

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Self Direction in Australia – the Story so far

The opportunity to direct individualised supports that have enabled people with disability to live …

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NDIS Goal Setting and its Connection to your Plan

Webinar covering 3 important topics: – Getting started with setting NDIS goals – Under…

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