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Choosing a Service Provider

This resource is to assist people in thinking about, and choosing a service provider that is best f…

Created By: WA Individualised Services

Making a Service Agreement

When you agree to use your NDIS budget to pay for supports, you are entering into a contract with y…

Created By: NDIA

Service Agreements – A guide for NDIS participants engaging with providers

A service agreement (referred to in this guide as the agreement) is a tool that reflects the workin…

Created By: Family Advocacy

Worker Screening checks

The article explains the  ‘how to’ of worker screening, what you should check and why. …

Created By: The Self Management Hub

Top tips for hiring a service

This Talkin’ Together video shows project partners and peers sharing their top tips for using your …

Created By: NSW Fair Trading
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An number of articles to help employers, recruiters etc to find the best match for the job

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