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Created By: Belonging Matters - Talks that matter

NDIS eligible modified clothing

Here at EveryHuman, we provide clothing and footwear with subtle modifications that makes the dress…

Created By: Every Human

Matthew Delivers

In this short video we see Matthew learning and practising skills as part of his mail delivery busi…

Created By: In Charge

Mike’s Story Housemates

This documentary addresses somebody with an intellectual disability living in their own home with t…

Created By: Belonging Matters

Home Playlist

Playlist of videos that all look at supporting people as individuals to live in their own home

Created By: Belonging Matters - Talks that Matter

Engineering the ordinary

Now is the time to think through how these strengths, gifts and passions can be applied. Look for o…

Created By: In Charge

Fifty Ideas for Young Disabled People to Do

How about we start thinking outside of the box for young disabled folks? Here’s a list to get…

Created By: Yellow Submarine Down Under
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