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Here you will find resources to build your support team. Your support team might include support workers, allied health professional, job coach, support coordinator etc.

Choosing A Service Provider

Resources and tips about what you may want to do and what you want the service to do

Created By: My Choice Matters

Claiming your right to risk when you have a disability

Ellen Fraser-Barbou explains when you have a disability, “everyone wants to protect you or remove a…

Created By: Purple Orange

Complaint about a Provider

Information on how to make a complaint about a provider to the NDIS safeguard commission

Created By: NDIS Quality Safeguard Commission

Complaints about a NDIS service provider

Where/how can you make a complaint about an NDIS service provider.

Created By: My Care Space

Connecting people with disability, their families and carers in the community.

Ability Links NSW is a way of connecting people with disability, their families and carers in the c…

Created By: Ability Links NSW

Aged Care Fees

A guide to the NDIs, supports and fees for young people and residential aged care

Created By: The Summer Foundation
Created By: Western Australia’s Individualised Services

Briefing and Hiring your own support staff

Employing your own staff can be an exciting but also daunting prospect. This Quick Guide gives some…

Created By: Peer Connect
Created By: VAILD
Created By: Council for Intellectual Disability
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