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Self management gives you freedom and flexibility to design your own supports to meet your goals.

Look here for innovative ideas and inspiration on what good life can look like.

Seven Steps to Self Direction

This workbook is a simple guide for working in right relationship in self-directed support arrangem…

Created By: Resourcing Inclusive Communities

Yarnin’ about disability

Information for Aboriginal people with disability, their families, carers and communities, about th…

Created By: My Choice Matters

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Created By: NDIS

Ways to Manage Funding

There are three options to manage your NDIS funding – self-managed, plan-managed and NDIA-man…

Created By: NDIA

We Need To Talk About Sex

Christine Priest thinks we should talk about sex more often. Especially in the disability community…

Created By: Purple Orange

What does the NDIS pay for

The NDIS won’t pay for your groceries, but they will pay for a support person to take you shopping …

Created By: In Charge

What is a Peer Support group?

A video resource in Auslan. Peer support group is people who get together to support each other. Me…

Created By: Peer Connect

What is Dignity of Risk and why does it matter?

Is there such a thing as too much protection? According to many aged care and disability rights adv…

Created By: Mable
Created By: Peer Connect

The Lives we lead:

The Lives We Lead is a social media project to influence the community to better understand the con…

Created By: The Lives we lead
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