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Self management gives you freedom and flexibility to design your own supports to meet your goals.

Look here for innovative ideas and inspiration on what good life can look like.

Claiming your right to risk when you have a disability

Ellen Fraser-Barbou explains when you have a disability, “everyone wants to protect you or remove a…

Created By: Purple Orange

Communication skills; way to communicate and your right to communication

Online learning resources on communication, how you communicate, and a schedule to out what you do,…

Created By: Western Australia’s Individualised Services

Connecting people with disability, their families and carers in the community.

Ability Links NSW is a way of connecting people with disability, their families and carers in the c…

Created By: Ability Links NSW

Accessible Housing Stories

Stories from people with disability and families living in their own home

Created By: Summer Foundation
Created By: Adam's family

Adam’s apples

Adam is a young man with autism who has his own delivery business, works two jobs and volunteers in…

Created By: In Charge

A Document of Personal Information A resource for people with disabilities and their families

This document explores how people with disability, their families or carers can develop a system fo…

Created By: Pave the Way

Addressing Personal Vulnerability Through Planning

A guide to identifying and incorporating intentional safeguards when planning with adults with deve…

Created By: Community Living British Columbia

A good life – can funding get me a good life?

Easy read workbook that talks about – changes to disability funding – how you use fundi…

Created By: Council for Intellectual Disability

A good life – needs and dreams

We all have needs and dreams. This workbook has ideas and exercises for you to think about what giv…

Created By: Council for intellectual disability
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