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Workshop: Towards a Better Life – 7 & 8 March 2024 – Melbourne

By Belonging Matters

| Blue sky dreaming | Future planning

| Build your team | Events

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Jan 29, 2024 | Build your team, Events

Belonging Matters are holding a two-day workshop which will inspire participants to reflect on the value of obtaining the good things in life and consider how we may support people who may have been marginalised or disadvantaged to have better lives and greater involvement in their communities. This event is designed to assist participants to:

  • Understand social devaluation and its consequences,
  • Learn about Social Role Valorisation as a means of addressing experiences of devaluation,
  • Strengthen one’s motivation to counteract devaluation,
  • Clarify the qualities of the good things in life and how they might be facilitated,
  • Understand the importance of valued social roles and how to develop roles that lead to authentic inclusion in one’s community.

You will also hear some “real life” stories from people who were inspired by this workshop and how they have changed the course of their life! This workshop will combine lectures, interactive exercises, reflection, and discussion!

Who is this workshop for?

This event is for anyone who is serious about improving the lives of people who may be at risk of being marginalised or disadvantaged, such as people with disabilities, people with a mental illness, people who are aging and people experiencing poverty or homelessness. It would be of particular interest to people with a disability, their families, students, support workers, planners, LACs, NDIS personnel, professionals, managers, CEOs, policy makers, people in leadership positions and other concerned citizens.

This is a paid workshop – prices range from $80 for NDIS participants to $160 for professionals and industry representatives and tickets are free for people attending as a support for a person with a companion card.